The Sound of Stillness

On Friday nights, I stay still. 

Between working from home and graduate school requirements, my days just breeze through until when I realize it, it is almost dinner time. Tasks pile up, meetings left and right, case studies and paper requirements – the list goes on for the mundane concerns of the everyday life.

Sometimes, I go through the busiest days without almost stopping for breaks. I open my laptop and just power through because there’s just so much to do. 

When I’m lucky, there are good days and I get to catch a break in between. But with today’s very fast-paced world, these moments are pretty rare. 

I used to go out with friends on Friday night. But now, the pause and silence promised by the weekend is just more enticing. Is this what being older feels like?

Harbor Square at Night

Late at night when almost all establishments are closed, this view by the Harbor Square can feel like a gift. There are lesser people. Traffic is barely there. I enjoy the cold night air and partial darkness enveloping both of my tired body and soul.

I stare at the Manila Bay as my mind races about how the week has been. What milestones or achievements should be celebrated, what lessons should be taken note of, and what recreational things I’d be doing on the weekend. Optimistically, it’s something productive. Most of the time, it’s not. It’s a great mental exercise to humor myself of what was and what might be. 

Watching the stillness while hearing the waves crash – it can be so soothing. I can get lost in my thoughts, but I have to catch myself as real life would always call me back.

To all of us who just breeze through each day, one after another, may this weekend be a gift to rest and recharge. Take a pause, enjoy life, and find time for things that make us feel alive. 

Don’t fret. We earned it. 

Tired but happy,


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