How to gain Instagram followers

How I gained 1k followers in 1 week and additional tips in boosting your Instagram account.

Instagram is one of the platforms that we should boost if we want to get more audience for our brand. As my blog is still new, one of my goals since I launched it this month is to establish my presence on Instagram. I challenged myself to do an experiment. Below are the steps I did and the results of my mini-experiment.

(Spoiler: I reached my goal of gaining 1k followers in less than a week!)

How to gain Instagram Followers:

1. Write a Compelling Bio

Your bio is one of the things that people look at when visiting your account. They say to treat it as your “homepage”, hence it should tell the reader instantly what your account is about.

To do this, you must have a proper username, a profile image, and a compelling bio. These should be made to help your brand identity. If you have a website or a page that you want to promote, include the link in this section as well.

For mine, I included the top 4 topics that I usually write about. I also added my location so audience will know where I am from.

Launch day for @wittypasta!

I switched to a Business account so I have a “Blogger” title in my bio. This will help monitor the insights of my page (e.g. which posts have more engagements or likes).

2. Develop your Instagram Feed

After the bio, your feed is next thing that people see. This will determine whether they would like to follow you or not – so make sure that your posts are interesting and are consistent with your brand.

I didn’t have any followers yet so I experimented on which pictures to post. On the first day, I added 3 photos (spaced apart) about travel, fitness, and food. I assumed that leaving the feed blank would seem like the account is fake.

Look, I gained 100 followers!

I continued to post a mix of different photos in the next few days. I also included short videos because they are fun to watch.

3. Use relevant hashtags

An aesthetic post is not enough if it doesn’t have any audience. Using hashtags are very helpful in reaching more people and gaining more followers. You can use up to 30 hashtags in every post but I limit myself to about 25.

Check which hashtags are trending and use a mix for your content. There are a lot of pages that offer top Instagram hashtags that you can use depending on your topic. I only do a quick google search to check on ideas, but I usually get it from

4. Follow for follow

Another thing that can get you noticed is to follow accounts that are your prospective audience. This somehow gives a nudge that your page exists. Then again, it will be up to them to follow you back so make sure your bio and feed are compelling.

You can follow up to 60 accounts per hour. Do not exceed this limit or else you will get banned from doing the same action in the next few hours.

Warning if you follow too many accounts quickly

As my target audience is mostly from the Philippines, I targeted following accounts that are also in the Philippines. To do this, I checked the followers of famous personalities in the Philippines and randomly followed people from the list. I did this on random hours in the next few days.

Here is my progress:

End of Day 1
End of Day 2
End of Day 3

As the bio doesn’t look good if you have more following than followers, I also unfollow some accounts (those who did not follow back). You can check this by looking at their account and checking their following list. This is a tiresome process but it helps keep your IG account neat.

5. Create engagement

Aside from likes and follows, engagement is also important in Instagram. Utilize your stories to entice engagement (e.g. do polls or post questions). This way, you can also get ideas which content are interesting for your followers.

Polls are the easiest for me. Luckily, I had enough engagement for each.

Most of my followers prefer milk tea!

6. Tag brands and get noticed

A great way to get noticed is to tag brand pages on your posts or stories. They have a huge following so when you get reposted, that’s more people who will see your posts.

I posted a picture of my favorite melon pan dessert and they shared it in their IG stories.

Mention from @melonpaniceph

I did the same for my Althea Korea unboxing video and they reposted it in their stories.

Mention from @altheakorea

7. Utilize other social media accounts

Your social media accounts should boost each other. Utilize your Facebook and website to gain more followers in your IG account.

I added my IG feed in my website so blog readers who have not followed me on Instagram will be invited to follow. I also shared my IG link in my Facebook account. I have had hits from my blog (readers opened my Instagram profile) so it works!

The Result: 1k followers in 7 days

Day 6 – happy 1k!!!

And with those 7 steps, I was able to reach 1k! This is a milestone since the account was built from scratch. My other Instagram account did not reach this much until after a few months, so this is really a great win!

Final Thoughts

Instagram is still one of the popular channels to gain an audience. Getting more followers will help increase the reach of your brand. There is no guarantee way to achieve your target followers but using a mix of these tips will surely help.

How are you growing your Instagram followers? Share additional tips in the comments! Do follow me on Instagram as well! 😉


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