Where to order a money bouquet

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching! If you are looking for a unconventional ways to surprise your loved ones, send them a personalized bouquet for a very memorable surprise!

I ran out of surprise ideas for my mom’s birthday last year, so I tried to search the net for inspiration. I initially thought about a hidden money cake, but I couldn’t find a baker in such short notice. The next best thing then is a personalized money bouquet.

Searching for money bouquet suppliers in Metro Manila is quite challenging since you need to check if the page is legit. After all, this order would involve real money as part of the bouquet. Luckily, I stumbled upon Aenil’s Flowers Facebook page.

Aenil’s Flowers

Aenils Flowers Facebook Page

Aenil’s Flowers is a one-stop online flower shop located in Fairview, Quezon city. They deliver fresh flowers for different occasions and are know for their unique and customized chocolate bouquets. Best of all, they are DTI-registered. They can deliver in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

They are best known for their customized chocolate bouquets. They also deliver cakes, balloons, stuff toys, and even life-sized teddy bears. A quick look into their Facebook feed will show you some of their personalized works:

The KitKat Bouquet

The Ferrero Bouquet

Assorted Chocolates Bouquet

The Hello Kitty Bouquet

BLK Makeup Bouquet

Money and Ferrero Bouquet

My Money Bouquet Order

I quickly contacted their Facebook page to check if they still accept personalized orders. Timeline is less than 3 days so I was a bit nervous but thankfully, they accepted!

They asked me which option I was thinking of and where it will be delivered. They confirmed that it was possible so I also asked for quotations on different types of arrangements.

  • Php 5,000 worth of Php 500 bills + Ferrero (for pick-up) = Php 8,450
  • Php 5,000 worth of Php 500 bills only (for delivery) = Php 7,650
  • Php 5,000 worth of Php 500 bills only (for pick-up) = Php 7,000

(Note: Prices are as of September 2020. This may change so best to contact the page for their latest price list.)

They told me that the 2nd and 3rd option will not include roses but only small flowers as fillers. I opted for the 1st option so the bouquet would not look plain.

They required a down payment to confirm the order. They usually require 50% of the total amount. For my case, they asked me for Php 5,000 since the bills will be included in the arrangement.

They provided both BDO and BPI for payment options. I opted to pick-up the flowers since having money delivered feels risky and picking-up the bouquet might be cheaper. On the pick-up day, they messaged earlier than the agreed time. I asked for sample pictures because I was excited about the arrangement!

My mom’s money bouquet!

And there you have it! I took some pictures for remembrance before I handed it off to my mom. The bouquet is pretty expensive but imagining the smile on her face when she sees it – that’s pretty much priceless.

How I wish I can also receive something like this. LOL.

How my mom reacted

When I handed the bouquet to my mom, she saw the chocolates right away and said thank you. I told her to look at it closely and she yes “Ah yes, Ferrero.” I told her to look at it again and then she shrieked when she noticed that it was wrapped in Php 500 bills. Of course, she started counting it while smiling widely. It took 3 glances for her to realize the real gift!

When my siblings arrived, they took turns joking with the bouquet. My mom told them that she counted the exact number of bills in the bouquet. Interestingly, she kept on counting every now and then. It was a memorable birthday for her and I think the price for the bouquet is worth my mom’s smile.

How to order money bouquet

To order your own money bouquet, you may reach out to Aenil’s Flowers via the following channels:

Aenil’s Flowers Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flowersdeliveryphilippines/
Mobile Number: +639163704015
Viber: +639223791962

What do you think about the money bouquet? Let me know in the comments!

Your bouquet-loving writer,

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